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Yeshe Nyingpo Temple's Roof

The second project that Dungsey Namgay Rinpoche aimed to complete was the temple's roof, which was wearing out and entering the phase of collapse. Over the weeks of August 2020, Rinpoche asked for quotes of the roof but the price would always be high and over the center's budget. Fortunately, while the garden was being inspected by the Karmarong, Rinpoche came to know that Dawa Tsering is a roofer. Rinpoche brought up the subject of the roof to ask for advice and in return Dawa kindly offered to help as an offering to the temple. Right after that day, Dawa Tsering came with Lama Pema and a group of Karmarong to start installing a new roof. The day started out with many auspicious signs: 

The work spanned for three days with the Karmarong and Bhutanese arriving early in the morning to clean and make the roof and leaving late when their work for that day was completed:

The work concluded auspiciously on Dudjom Sangyum Kusho's Mahaparinirvana Anniversary. The help of the Karmarong and the Bhutanese helped the center tremendously in terms of monetary and building stability: 

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