Yeshe Nyingpo Temple Renovation

Since the Mahaparanirvana of H.H Dungsey Shenphen Dawa Rinpoche in 2018, Yeshe Nyinpo Temple has begun its planned renovations. Dungsey Namgay Dawa Rinpoche took on the responsibilities to complete the projects set out as envisioned by his father and late sister, Khandro Semo Lhanzey la. With the help of the sangha members and people from different communities, who rendered their time to volunteer to help us, we were able to completely restore the temple and gave it a new look as well as major renovations that were needed. The projects for the temple are ongoing and if you'd like to contribute, please feel free to sign up in the volunteer form or support us financially for our the special projects here.

July 14, 2018 - Namgay Rinpoche with Sangha Volunteers

Here are a few pictures of the work that the Sangha did during 2018:

After two days of hard work, the sangha was able to completely restore the temple to its original state. The stains and grease from the butter lamps were removed from the wall, new chandeliers and fixtures were installed and Dharma objects were rearranged to give the temple a more open space feeling:

In September, sangha volunteers returned to arrange the temple's collection of pechas: 

In December, wood panelings were set up on the Lama side of the temple, and the hallway was repainted white:

In April of 2019, to create a more convenient way for the sanghas to follow the practice during Tshok session, Maya Didi offered the temple a 55' TV so texts can be displayed on the screen. Richie also offered an Apple mini to connect the devices to the TV for display. After the devices were bought, volunteering sanghas came to mount the TV to the wall:

In July of 2019, the temple was given another renovation. Ceiling in the main shrine was given another coat of paint. Shrines and pechas were rearranged to a different area to clear up space for thrones. Umbrellas were set above where Rinpoche would sit during Tshok and empowerment. New carpets were laid out on the floor. Sangha volunteers also came to support each other by making tea during break.

The renovation took three days to complete that went from morning to evening with a lunch break during noon. 

July 6, 2019 - Post Renovation

During that summer, Khandro Semo Lhanzey la entered Mahaparinirvana. As her root student, Dungsey Namgay Rinpoche bought stupas for her relics to be enshrined. After Semo la 49 days, a Dorsem Lama Chopa Tshok was done and Lamas and Chopons took part to help place the relics and zung inside Semo la's stupa, which was then displayed in Yehse Nyingpo temple between Shenphen Rinpoche and Sangyum Kusho la's.

Around February of 2020, temperature in the temple was colder than usual so Rinpoche signed a contract with Michael to come and construct a new set of inner windows. This helps the climate in the room.

The result:

In July of 2020, Michael returned to set up panels for the temple's hallway and refurbished the sangha's coatrack, which was painted by Lopon Lulu and Karma Gelek a few days later when the panels were completely set up: 

In mid August of 2020, Rinpoche with the help of Lama Pema requested a master carpenter, Sonam Wangdu, and his uncle, Jamyang Sangpo, to come and have a look at the shrine for a redesign. (This is Rinpoche's third personal project after completing his late father and sister's wishes) After a while, they reached an agreement for the altar that would be finished in one month time. The shrine would cover 16 feet from wall to wall and 12 feet from floor to the ceiling. According to the rough sketch, the new shrine would look like the pictures depicted below. Regarding this project, Rinpoche has reached out for contribution to the public on GoFundMe and through our special project account on PayPal. Within 24 hours we were able to raise the money with the generous donation of $30,000 from H.H Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche's Semos: Semo Chimmi la and Semo Tsering la as well as nearly $7,000 from 40 donators.