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Retreat's Dormitory

Before the Dormitory became what it is today, the room was known as the Community Room, which was used as a space where Sangha members and visitors came and relaxed. The center provided Dharma books, ping pong table and a TV that showcased H.H Dudjom Rinpoche's pictures. When Semo la entered Mahaparinirvana, she instructed Dungsey Namgay Rinpoche to convert the room into a dormitory free of charge for those who can't afford to rent room at the retreat during special teachings and empowerments. So in the summer of 2019, when she passed away, Rinpoche began the renovation. He first requested Sangha members to come to rearrange the beds, sofas, throw out unnecessary furnitures and give the room a new layer of paint:  

Once the room was nicely painted and rearranged, Rinpoche signed a contract with Michael to install beams under the floor to prevent it from caving in: 

The fix took around two to three days. Rinpoche then ordered new set of bunk beds, sheets, curtains, carpets, shelves, and decorations to be set up in the dormitory. 

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