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Retreat's Vajra House

The Vajra House is the residence of the family, visiting guests as well as the Kudung of Shenpen Dawa Rinpoche and Semo Lhanzey la. It is also where the office of our Yeshe Melong Publication used to be. Since Dungsey Namgay Rinpoche decided to move Yeshe Melong Publication to digital format, all the files and devices were removed to turn the room into a kitchen. The renovation started on October 17th, when the Bhutanese group came to help at early morning:

Once the room was fully cleared, on November 20th, Rinpoche signed a contract with a local company to change the flooring of the room to hard wood:

During that week, Rinpoche also signed a contract with Jake to install the new kitchen. Four day later, Jake came to start the work. He began by removing the wood on the wall. The process took two days to be completed:

On December 3rd, Jake continued by installing lights in the bathroom of the kitchen and open a section of the wall as a preparation to install the new sliding door in the room:

The next day, Jake returned to place sheet rock on the wall of the room: