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World Peace Stupa

Following the suggestion of Dungsey Kathok Situ Rinpoche, Dungsey Namgay Dawa Rinpoche decided to renovate the World Peace Stupa up in our Orgyen Cho Dzong Retreat Center. With the help of Lama Pema, Rinpoche invited Lopon Jampal, who travelled from North Carolina. He arrived to the retreat center on October 10th with Lopon Lulu, who helped him inspect and design a plan for the stupa's renovation. The work began on Sunday, October 11th, 2020 at noon with Rinpoche and sangha members performing Ri Wo Sang Cho and Protector Practices to commence the work with auspicious temdrel.

After the practice was finished, Lopon Jampal and the volunteering sangha members started to break the layers of plasters and cement that were covering the stupa from the bottom to top. The process took the whole day.

The next day, Lopon Jampal and Lopon Lulu cut wood frames and mixed cement to lay on the stupa for its expansion. The work was done with the help of volunteering sangha members. Lopon Jampal and Lopon Lulu stayed until late at night to do the finishings: 

The same process continued for nearly a week with volunteering sangha members traveling back and forth from the city to come and help even under harsh conditions. 

On Saturday, October 17th 2020, to expedite the work, Lopon Lulu ordered a truck to come and fill the bottom of the stupa with cement. On that day volunteering sangha members also came to cook: