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Yeshe Nyingpo Temple's Front Garden

When Semo Lhanzey la was ill, Dungsey Namgay Rinpoche decided to complete his sister's wish and completely renovate the temple's front yard. It was a way for Rinpoche to honor her, in hope that she would be able to see the garden for herself when she recovers. Even though Semo Lhanzey la wasn't able to return and see the garden, Rinpoche was always glad he was able to complete the project. The project started around June when Rinpoche requested the Karmarong to come and start building the foundational ground for the garden and set up tiles:

After the foundation and tiles were set up, volunteering sangha went to paint the gate, railings of the steps as well as setting up the garden:

With three days worth of work, the Temple's front garden was completed: 

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