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Retreat's Main Entrance Gate and Swimming Pool

When Dungsey Namgay Rinpoche first took on the responsibility of OCDR, two of the initial projects that he set out to do, along with Sangyum Sonam Chokyi la, Lopon Jacque and Andrea, was to remove the pool and set up the main entrance gate that was in the back log of the retreat's renovation plan for a few years. With the funds accumulated since the time of H.H Shenphen Dawa Rinpoche from the donation of the Sangha, Namgay Rinpoche decided to afford the service and carry forward with the projects. So in September of 2018, a construction company came to remove the pool and put up the gate: 

During June of 2019, at the request of Namgay Rinpoche, our sangha members volunteered to cement, design and start painting the entrance gate at OCDR. The work spanned for the whole summer but took 1 week in total as members traveled up and down from the city to continue the project

By the end of summer 2019, the entrance gate was completely set up with details nicely laid out. Rinpoche also signed a contract service with Michael to set up gates around the entrance:

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