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Orgyen Cho Dzong Retreat Main Temple & Meditation Room

OCDR's Main Temple and Meditation Room were finally put into renovation during the summer of 2019. As part of the plan to prepare for Khandro Semo Lhanzey la's 49 days ceremony, the temple was cleaned and renovated to honor one of her last wishes. At the same time, while Guru Rinpoche Ku was being painted, Rinpoche went to buy new cabinets and necessary tools for the temple. And when it was time, everyone took part to restore and rearrange the temple: 

While the main temple was being cleaned and rearranged in the morning, at night activities would be focused in the Yoga Room in the Dining Hall Area. The Yoga Room before was a small temple where OCDR's sangha would congregate, practice and receive teachings from Shenphen Dawa Rinpoche. However, until recent years, due to Shephen Rinpoche's health condition, the room was closed and used as a storage for a portion of our relics. In Namgay Rinpoche's time, the room is opened again for sangha to come and pay respects to the Ku's and relics in the room. It is now known as the Meditation Room. 

The Main Temple and the Meditation Room took the sangha in total one month to finish the work. Besides from cleaning the area, Rinpoche also wanted to add in new touch to the temple to symbolize a new generation that we were entering in. Dharma objects were being brought in. Old furnitures were fixed with cushions and ceremonial clothes were added. New designs for the wall were implemented, giving the temple a new and fresh look:

The Meditation Room also received a new touch with new carpets, chandelier and furnitures:

On October 24th, 2020, the Karmarong arrived to install new pillars for the entrance of OCDR's Main Temple. They started by placing new cement to create a strong foundation for the lions: