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Lamp Offerings

Updated: Mar 22

Butter lamp Offering Prayer ~ Composed by H.H Dudjom Rinpoche

The purpose of offering butter lamps is to dispel the darkness of ignorance, which is the root of suffering for all beings throughout the universe. Not only do butter lamps represent the light that connects us to the clarity of enlightenment itself and the realization of the buddha nature, they also signify a food offering to countless beings in need of sustenance and nourishment. We offer these lamps with the intention to relieve both relative and absolute obscurations. We offer them with the wish that the light of wisdom takes root in place of ignorance in the hearts and minds of all parent sentient beings, until even the subtlest of obscurations have been totally purified.

At Orgyen Chö Dzong Retreat, lamp offerings are made on a regular basis for the sake of all sentient beings. We have constructed a wonderful lamp house right next to the World Peace Stupa for this purpose. Through the presence of year round volunteer staffs, lamps can be offered on your behalf and dedicated according to your wishes. You can make butter lamp offerings in the following ways:

1) Small - $5

2) Medium - $9

3) Large - $12

4) Extra Large - $17

5) Giant Lamp ( 4.3 gallons - lasts ~27 days) - $190

6) 49 Days continuous lamp offering - $190

You can offer in the 'Lamp Offering' section of the our support page here. Alternatively, feel free to contact the center by phone or email to arrange this.

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