H.E. Dungse Namgay Dawa Rinpoche's Activities

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H.E. Dungse Namgay Dawa Rinpoche was born in October 1975. He is the son of Kyabje Shenphen Dawa Norbu Rinpoche and Her Royal Highness Ashi Pema Chöden Wangchuk. Dungse Namgay Rinpoche has been recognized by H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche as the reincarnation of Garwang Sangye Dorje Rinpoche, one of Dudjom Rinpoche's main lamas.

Dungse Rinpoche was enthroned by H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche, who blessed him and predicted his future.
Dungse Rinpoche received his early and middle school education at St. Paul Catholic school in Darjeeling, India. Rinpoche attended Baha High School in Maharashtra, India. After graduating, Dungse Rinpoche studied in Penor Rinpoche’s Namdroling Monastery and later in Dudjom Gompa in Kathmandu for further training in the Dharma.
Dungse Namgay Dawa Rinpoche has received teachings and empowerment from the following lamas:

Orgyen Cho Dzong's main temple hall was renovated during the pandemic. Here are final fotos of its completion


As Dungse Rinpoche's cousin-brother, a supreme lineage-holder of the Dudjom Tersar, Dudjom Sangye Pema Shepa Rinpoche passed into Mahaparanirvana, we offered 49 days of puja according to Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche's Dorsem Lama Chöpa Tshok.


5 Years of funerals, pujas, projects, major renovations, and fundraisers

Since the passing into paranirvana of Kyabje Shenphen Dawa Norbu Rinpoche and Semo Lhanzey la, H.E. Dungse Namgay Dawa Rinpoche has assumed the spiritual responsibility of taking care of the Sangha and is now the director of Dudjom Tersar Yeshe Nyingpo Temple & Orgyen Chö Dzong Retreat.
Dungse Rinpoche actively engages with other Buddhist lineages and communities throughout the world to create a foundation of understanding and foster a community through love and compassion.